sangheeut on tour with Bangjoo Kim

2022. 09. 01 - 09. 02

Artist(s):​ Bangjoo Kim

Curated by sangheeut

Frieze Seoul is causing a stir in the Korean art scene. Although it is unclear whether Seoul, as a new Asian hub, will be able to capture everyone’s attention and taste, each of us sharpens our own weapon with equal parts expectation and anxiety. sangheeut closed its exhibition space in June after a year of operation, and now presents sangheeut on tour, a new way of the exhibition. It will take the form of an exhibition that  will not be confined to a single location and will present an exhibition that only sangheeut can create.  

sangheeut of tour with Bangjoo Kim is an inaugural edition of its series that investigates the environment in which contemporary video works are positioned, the public who accepts them, and even how the art market perceives them. Frieze Seoul celebrates its first edition with events called Hannam Night and Samcheong Night in Hannam-dong and Samcheong-dong, respectively, where all of the prestigious galleries are gathered. Nearby galleries are open until late at night, and visitors or col-lectors are encouraged to go gallery hopping, which sangheeut takes advantage of. sangheeut parks the camping car in public parking lots in each neighborhood and invites visitors to watch the video work as if they were sitting back and watching all of these situations. It is not intended to imply a grand discourse or a high level of sarcasm. Despite the fact that the art world is now shaken, sangheeut simply attempts to reveal the reality that the art world is tilting to one side. 


sangheeut features the work of Bangjoo Kim who has explored the position of contemporary artist and even a human being to contemplate and function. The artist presents two works for the exhibition. A Teleportation Through Two Chairs, I Don’t Have a Problem with Berlin Because I’m Not Late Also I Am Invited (2017) is on view inside the camping car. It is the documentary work that shows the artist moving from Stuttgart to Berlin using only two chairs as transportation. This performance or the act of practice begins with a big sigh in the kitchen and ends when he arrives at the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin. The artist is invited and arrives on time, as the title suggests. However, when the artist reaches the endpoint and steps on the ground, he looks awkward and frustrated.


The recent work sorry, i have something more important to do (2022) is on display outside the car. Kim created this piece for an exhibition at OF in 2022. He used the artists’ fee he received for participating in the exhibition to buy six plane tickets. Then he observes and films planes taking off. He had no problem being in the airport departure hall as a strictly saying traveller who had purchased a ticket but did not board the plane. Kim had a great time on his own trip just looking at and filming the departing planes and turning them into artwork. 


On chairs and on the ground, in and out of planes, on board and on the lookout, invited and uninvited, inside and outside, galleries and camp-ing cars. Through this exhibition, sangheeut hopes to highlight these two opposing forces. Where are works other than paintings currently positioned? How can the camping car, rather than the gallery, be perceived, and how can the mobile type of exhibition that we present be accepted? Is it possible to narrow the gap, or is it only ideal if it is narrowed? sangheeut infiltrates the official event assumed by the massive art fair and introduces a new chapter to the visitors. We’re looking forward to the visitors who will determine whether we’re an outsider or an insider pretending to be an outsider.