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another cinema

2021. 7. 30 - 8. 15

Artist(s): Danny Choi, Eunhyeong Ju, Heesoo Cho, Herry Kim, Laura V. Molinares, Maria Mahfooz, Max Law

Curated by sangheeut

Exhibition•Furniture design by Kiwuk Jang

Graphic design by Soyoung Park 

The screening exhibition another cinema took its inspiration from ‘an other cinema’—the term that French film scholar Raymond Bellour(b.1939) coined to distinguish the moving image work in museums or galleries from the traditional ‘cinema’. In this light, moving image works revealed in an exhibition setting require the different form of the cinema and of the spectatorship. Since the 1990s, a proliferation of installation-based video works generated the feeling of urgency to discuss the difference between cinema and moving image works and accelerated dialogue on visual and spatial aspects of moving image works. Furthermore, as we live in the so-called post internet era, unprecedented accessibility to moving images online and virtual exhibitions have led to the new perspective to understand the act of ‘watching’. 


another cinema does not explore one specific theme. Rather, it brings together the works by seven emerging artists who engage with diverse yet different subjects and projects these onto one screen. Inviting the furniture designer to create a site-specific installation that can be functioned as the chairs, the exhibition provides the immersive experience to the audience whose gaze has often been fragmented and shaken while watching a moving image work in galleries and museums not grasping how long it has been on. another cinema aims to gather this gaze solely to the work by creating the surrounding where the audience can fully concentrate on the act of watching. Providing a unique environment, not in a white cube gallery or a dark movie theatre or on a smartphone screen, another cinema examines the presentation of the moving image in an exhibition setting and prompts a reconsideration of cinematic experience.